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Wildland Hazard Mitigation

 Protecting Power Utilities and Preserving Natural Landscapes

At AES, we specialize in providing comprehensive Wildland Hazard Mitigation Services to the Vegetation Management industry. With a strong focus on power utilities located near wild vegetation, we offer a range of essential services to mitigate hazards and ensure public safety.

Our expertise spans various critical areas, including Emergency Response, Wildland Fire management, insect and diseased Weakened Timber Salvage Logging, Wildland Road Hazard Mitigation, and Power Line Clearance for hazards caused by Wildland fires.

With a dedicated team and robust resources, we strive to protect both the public and the delicate ecosystems affected by Wildland dangers. We actively collaborate with governing agencies to build strong relationships and uphold environmental regulations in sensitive areas.

Choose AES for your Wildland Hazard Mitigation needs, and experience our unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and the preservation of natural landscapes.


AES LLC are experts in comprehensive wildland hazard mitigation services for the Vegetation Management industry. Our dedicated team provides immediate response and expert solutions to mitigate risks posed by wildlife fire, insects, disease, and weakened trees. We also offer efficient salvage logging operations and power line clearance to address hazards resulting from wildland fires, insect infestations, and diseased occurrences. Our services not only safeguard the public but also foster strong partnerships with regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing sensitive wildland areas. With our current scope of services, AES LLC ensures the utmost protection and vegetation care for power utilities near vegetation. Our Current scope of services include:

  • We offer Wildland Evasive Insect Resource Contracting

  • We offer State-Wildland Evasive Insect Resource Contracting 

  • We offer Wildland Fire Resource Contracting

  • We offer State-Wildland Fire Resource Contracting for ODF, Cal Fire, DNR.

  • We offer Federal Wildland Fire Resource Contracting for USFS, BLM, BIA, All Park Services

Qualified Storm Response Personnel


WildLand Hazard Mitigation Experts

When it comes to mitigating wild land hazards for the Vegetation Management industry, AES stands as the leading provider. Our highly qualified personnel possess the expertise necessary to effectively address tree-related challenges caused by wind, ice, snow, or rain. Operating in hazardous conditions is our specialty, as our crews are meticulously trained to identify potential dangers and ensure the safety of both individuals and properties. With unwavering dedication, our experienced supervisors and crews are committed to swiftly restoring your power utilities, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for your valued customers. Trust AES for unparalleled wild land hazard mitigation services. crew members work as a team to ensure site safety at all times.

Equipment & Machinery


The “Go To” QLCA for any vegetation management program

  • Masticators (large scale Machines for grinding and pulping material)

  • Sennebogen (commercial brand large heavy machinery) Tree Handlers

  • Tree chippers with Tracking

  • Self loading grapple trucks

  • Water Trucks / Water Tenders

  • Skid-steers

  • Grapple loaders / excavators

  • Telescoping Grapple Saw (TGS) Trucks a team that works! No Tree or area to difficult, we will suceed where others fail.

Types of Contracting We Offer

When it comes to safeguarding power utilities from wildland hazards, AES stands out as the premier vegetation management company. Our specialized services focus on mitigating risks in the Vegetation Management industry. With AES, you can trust that your infrastructure remains protected even amidst adverse weather conditions.

Our highly skilled crews are equipped to handle the aftermath of windstorms, ice storms, heavy snowfall, or torrential rain. We understand the urgency of restoring services promptly, and our well-trained personnel are prepared to work efficiently in hazardous situations. As experts in the field, we prioritize safety without compromising the quality of our work.

At AES, our tree crews are adept at working near energized wires, ensuring that your power supply remains uninterrupted. Rigorous hazard identification training empowers our teams to proactively identify risks and prevent injuries or property damage. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee a swift resolution to any challenges you may face.

By choosing AES as your wildland hazard mitigation partner, you gain access to dedicated crews and supervisors who are determined to get your systems back online. Rest assured that our comprehensive services will exceed your expectations, providing you and your customers with reliable and uninterrupted power.

Contact AES today to discover how our expertise in wildland hazard mitigation can help secure your power infrastructure. Together, we can fortify your operations and establish a safer, more resilient future.

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