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Improving Human Behaviors to Ensure A Safer Work Environment

A mission-critical value that helps ensure safety is by showing our commitment in our Leadership, and actions.

AES (ArborTrue Environmental Services LLC) is a leading provider of specialized Vegetation Management services for the Power and Utility industry. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by power utilities near vegetation, we deliver comprehensive solutions that prioritize safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to constantly learn and adapt, staying ahead of industry trends and regulations. By analyzing incidents and proactively seeking innovative approaches, we mitigate risks and enhance our operational excellence.

At AES, safety is our top priority. Through meticulous planning and open communication, our experienced leaders collaborate closely with our field-operation teams to ensure every workday is executed with utmost safety measures. The Plan of the Day (POD) serves as an indispensable tool, fostering a proactive and safety-conscious work environment.

We recognize the critical role vegetation management plays in the power and utility sector. Our services encompass a wide range of solutions, including vegetation assessment, trimming, and removal, utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. By effectively managing vegetation encroachment, we help prevent power outages, reduce fire hazards, and optimize system performance.

Partnering with AES means gaining a trusted ally dedicated to the success of your power utility. Our highly skilled professionals combine technical expertise with a deep respect for the environment. We adhere to strict compliance standards, ensuring that our work is sustainable and aligns with industry best practices.

Join numerous satisfied clients who have experienced the AES difference. Contact us today to discover how our specialized Vegetation Management services can help safeguard your power utility, reduce risks, and improve overall reliability.



At AES, it is important to ensure that all our employees are trained and competent in the various tree climbing techniques that may be required in their job duties. That is why we have established a tree climbing, rigging, and felling training facility specifically for the use of our current and future employees. Our facility features a range of features that are associated with specific training for very specific set of skills. Our experienced instructors oversee and provide tailored training experience based on the individual’s experience and needs.


 The training and development of our employees helps to improve safety in the field. By learning proper tree climbing techniques and understanding how to safely use climbing and rigging equipment, our employees can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while on the job.


By investing in the training and development of our employees and emphasizing the importance of safe work practices, our goal is to not only ensure the safety of our employees but also improve the overall efficiency and productiveness of our tree care operations.

OSHA 10 & 30

Drug-Free Workplace

Our goal is to ensure that every employee is provided with a safe work environment. In order to deliver outstanding service to our customers, we must prevent injuries, property loss, and damage. With pre-employment drug testing and random testing of employees throughout the year, AES’s zero-tolerance policy offers the highest level of protection available against potential workplace safely liabilities. AES’s safety program is focused on helping all employees stay incident free every day. We’ve implemented this safety program to provide a focal point for our commitment to safety.


Safety Pre-Planning

At AES, Jobsite safety plans and practices are put into place well before the project begins. Prior to beginning work, our Safety Personnel and General Foreman prepare a site-specific plan for each project to account for the conditions and hazards present at each site. Once the project begins, the Safety Director makes frequent jobsite visits to monitor work in progress and consult with supervisors to further assess hazards and performance.

Career Opportunities

AES is invested in safety and the responsibilities that come with it. We offer opportunities to industry professionals, that include training, formal instruction, and on the field focused safety observations. It begins and ends with safety, "no exceptions, no compromise" here at AES. Our safety professionals in the field encourage, lead by their own example, while keeping awareness of safety of all the companies employees. Would you like to learn more visit our < Careers Page >.

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